Grow Help Australia: a plant pest and disease diagnostic service

Grow Help Australia provides a comprehensive disease and pest diagnostic service to help improve the productivity, quality and marketability of your crops.

This includes:

  • nursery production
  • flower and ornamental plants
  • fruit and vegetables
  • trees on streets and council/national parks
  • specialty crops.

Our service tests for the presence of disease organisms in plants, seeds, growing media, soil and water. We also provide plant pathogen testing to fulfil nursery accreditation schemes and export requirements. At the end of the testing process, you receive a final written report that includes test results, interpretations and, wherever possible, practical advice on how to remedy any issues identified throughout the testing process.

Grow Help Australia has experienced and dedicated staff working to provide a rapid and accurate diagnosis and analysis for any sample submission. We will keep all information confidential.

This guide explains the process of how to submit a sample for testing by Grow Help Australia.