What is the Prequalification (PQC) System?

The Prequalification (PQC) System is Queensland's whole-of-government register of prequalified building consultants and contractors.

Government departments use the register to identify prequalified suppliers suitable to deliver projects based on the project size, type and location as well as the supplier's licence and capabilities.

Who needs to prequalify


All building contractors who are directly contracted on government building projects must apply for prequalification if a project is valued at more than $1 million.

Key trade or specialist contractors (such as electrical, air conditioning and refrigeration, demolition and asbestos removal, and fire safety services) can be registered in the PQC System and must apply for prequalification if work exceeds $1 million.


All building consultants who are directly commissioned on government building projects must apply for prequalification if the commission fee either:

  • exceeds $60,000
  • is less than $60,000 and the commission's service risk rating is 3 or 4.

Head contractors and subcontractors for Best Practice Principles projects

Head contractors, including managing contractors directly engaged by the state and subcontractors directly engaged by a head contractor to deliver a trade package, who want to work on Best Practice Principle (BPP) projects need to be prequalified.

A BPP building project is valued over $100 million or is a declared BPP project of a lesser value.

Under the Queensland Procurement Policy 2023 (QPP 2023), BPPs include:

  • Best practice workplace health and safety (WHS) systems and standards
  • Best practice commitment to apprentices and trainees
  • Best practice industrial relations.

The Best Practice Industry Conditions (BPICs) (PDF, 2.8MB) outline the Queensland Government's terms and conditions that will apply on BPP building projects.

How to apply

You need to submit an application online.

Before you begin your application, read the eligibility and application requirements for:

Your application needs to show that you are an ethical supplier with appropriate experience and qualifications.

All prequalified suppliers have to demonstrate how they contribute to government priorities supporting:

  • local businesses and diverse business sizes
  • Indigenous business
  • mental health and suicide prevention
  • women in construction.

After you prequalify

A prequalified building contractor or consultant is eligible to tender for suitable government building projects through QTenders.

Before a prequalified building contractor is awarded a contract, they will undergo a financial assessment.

When a prequalified supplier works on a Queensland Government building project they must 'demonstrate that they deliver' (Performance reporting) on agreed time, cost, quality and scope outcomes as well as contractual, legislative and regulatory requirements including:

  • communication, environmental management and subcontractor management
  • compliance with industrial relations and workplace health and safety requirements, the Building and Construction Training Policy and the Queensland Charter for Local Content.

If a supplier does not meet the expected standards the review and sanctions process may be used to downgrade, suspend or cancel a suppliers prequalification status.

Registering for minor works or service maintenance contracts

If you don't meet the PQC requirements, or if you're a contractor, consultant or supplier interested in minor works or service maintenance contracts with the Queensland Government through QBuild, you can register your details with QBuild.