Applying for building contractor prequalification

How to apply

There is no fee to apply for prequalification.

To apply, complete the online application for prequalification form.

Read the Contractor PQC application guide (PDF, 202KB) for help completing the form.

What happens next

Allow up to 4 weeks for us to process your application.

We will send you an email with your PQC certificate of registration and schedule. The schedule outlines your registration status, including PQC level, project types and geographical areas of operation.

Note: You can't tender for work as soon as you lodge your application. You must be prequalified and registered on the PQC System to be eligible to tender.

Upgrading your registration status

You may upgrade your PQC level or change the services you're prequalified for at any time, however, you may have to provide additional information to the PQC Registrar to do this.

You can change your registration using the online form.

Being removed from the register

We may remove a building industry contractor from the PQC register at any time if they can't satisfy any or all of the prequalification requirements.

More information

Contact us on 1800 072 621 or email


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General enquiries: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)