Prequalification (PQC) System guidelines and resources

See these resources for building contractors, building industry consultants and government agencies who engage building contractors and consultants.

Building contractors and agencies

Building consultants and agencies

Queensland Government procurement and building policies

  • Queensland Procurement Policy is the government's overarching policy for the procurement of goods and services. The framework will be implemented by a staged process and prospectively.
  • The Building Policy Framework and Building Policy Guideline provides overarching direction for the strategic and operational management of the Queensland Government's building construction and maintenance projects. The framework applies to all building construction and maintenance projects and programs.
    • The framework together with the Guideline consolidate, rationalise and replace 4 government building frameworks including the Capital Works Management Framework, Maintenance Management Framework, Building Asset Performance Framework and the Strategic Asset Management Framework.
    • The guideline provides direction on managing the risks and issues involved in procuring new government buildings, looking after buildings, and finding ways that buildings can be repurposed or renewed to support service delivery.
  • Best Practice Industry Conditions (PDF, 2.8MB) outlines the government's terms and conditions that apply on BPP building projects