QBuild contractor web portal

The QBuild contractor web portal is available to all contractors who complete work orders on behalf of QBuild for:

  • unplanned maintenance
  • service maintenance
  • social housing turnaround projects for vacant properties.

The portal allows for receiving, updating, closing and invoicing work orders online, and is the preferred method for QBuild to issue work to contractors.

It gives contractors:

  • an accurate view of active work orders assigned for completion
  • real-time updates of works in progress
  • simple online invoicing for faster payment claim processing.

Who can access the portal

To be provided with a contractor web portal account, you must have:

  • successful registration as a QBuild contractor
  • your acknowledgement and supplier number from QBuild.

User guides and training

We will provide user guides when we create your account. You can also access these from the portal's login page.

Your local regional QBuild office can also offer face-to-face training and information sessions if required.

Business-to-business arrangements

In specific circumstances, QBuild can also offer a business-to-business arrangement for direct interfacing between management systems.

For more information, contact the web portal administration support team at qbuildwebportaladmin@epw.qld.gov.au.


For technical support for your portal account or to request a new account, contact the team at qbuildwebportaladmin@epw.qld.gov.au.

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