Amending or extending a plumbing or drainage permit

You can apply for an amendment or extension to your permit if you:

  • need to change the scope of the work you're doing
  • require more time to complete the work.

You can apply to local government to amend or extend an existing permit, rather than start a new application.

Use Form 2 – Application to amend a permit including an extension of time (PDF, 222KB).

The approval time frames are the same as for the original application.

Amending an existing permit

If you need to substantially change the work covered by the original application, you must apply to amend the existing permit approval.

The local government needs to approve and issue an amended permit before you can start the additional work.

If the local government inspector finds minor inconsistencies at any stage during the work, they may simply amend the approved plan to correctly represent the work done.

If the local government inspector finds a substantial inconsistency between the work observed at an inspection and the approved work plan, they may issue an action notice and stop you from carrying out the work until you comply with the actions required by the action notice.

Extending an existing permit

You need to apply for an extension at least 10 business days before the end of the permit's term.

You can apply to extend an existing permit by up to 2 years. You can apply for multiple extensions.

A permit is valid for 2 years unless a longer period is stated on the permit.

Applying to amend or extend permit

To apply to amend or extend a permit, complete Form 2 – Application to amend a permit including an extension of time (PDF, 222KB) and provide:

  • any other required documents
  • written consent for the work from the South East Queensland (SEQ) service provider, if the application relates to SEQ water or sewerage work (if the local government isn't the water service provider)
  • the local government application fee.

You don't need to include information you provided with the original application if the work hasn't changed significantly.