Plumbing and drainage

Learn about the plumbing and drainage industries in Queensland.


Plumbing laws and codes

Read about the laws and codes that apply to any plumbing work being completed in Queensland.

Water supply systems in the Queensland Development Code

Read about supplementary water supply systems like rainwater tanks, and information on local government opt-in processes making supplementary systems mandatory.

Installing greywater systems

Installing a greywater system can reduce water usage. Find out about guidelines and regulations for greywater systems in residential and commercial buildings.

Installing on-site sewerage facilities

On-site sewerage facilities treat domestic sewage in unsewered areas. Find out more about approved sewerage facilities, including composting toilets.

Applying for treatment plant approvals

Manufacturers of treatment plants must have appropriate approvals to supply treatment plant systems.

Water sub-metering

Read about how water sub-metering works for multi-unit and non-residential units.

Types of plumbing and drainage work

Information on Notifiable work - a category of plumbing and drainage work that allows a plumber or drainer to perform the work without a local government permit or mandatory inspections.

Permit applications for plumbing and drainage work

Learn how to apply for plumbing and drainage work permits, including application time frames, supporting documents, and applying for amendments and extensions.

Licence renewal fees

Information on application and renewal fees for occupational plumbing and drainage licences.

Inspection certificates

All completed plumbing and drainage work needs an inspection certificate to show that it's compliant with regulations.

Changes to plumbing processes by local government

Learn how local governments can make declarations that will affect the processes for permit applications and inspections.

Plumbing and drainage forms and templates

Read about changes to plumbing and drainage laws and regulations, including consultation and fact sheet information.

Plumbing guidelines

Read important guidelines for completing work in plumbing and drainage in Queensland.

Installing residential water meters

Learn more about who can install certain types of water meters.

Plumbing newsflashes

Read the latest building and plumbing news updates from the Department of Housing, Local Government, Planning and Public Works.