Registering your cathodic protection system

Impressed cathodic protection systems capable of delivering a current greater than 0.25 must be registered through the Electrical Safety Office Cathodic Protection Registrations Online system.

The owner is responsible for ensuring the system is:

  • not operated unless registered
  • operated according to the requirements of the cathodic protection standard
  • tested according to the testing requirements of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013.

Registrations are valid for 5 years unless cancelled during this time. You must re-register before the expiry date if the system is still in operation. The system must be retested before each re-registration in accordance with section 244 of the Regulation.

The owner must immediately advise the Electrical Safety Office of any changes to the registered cathodic protection system's operation by making an application via the Cathodic Protection Registrations Online system.

The owner must advise the Electrical Safety Office within 30 days via Cathodic Protection Registrations Online if:

  • their address changes
  • or
  • the system is removed or made inoperable.

The owner may engage specialist consultants to conduct this work on their behalf.