Business licences and permits

Your business may need one or more Queensland, Australian or local licences or permits to operate. These vary from a basic operating licence to very specific permits (e.g. environmental permits) - depending on the type of business, its structure and location, and whether you employ staff.

Licences, permits and registrations

Businesses that commonly require a licence include:

  • security providers
  • second-hand dealers
  • motor dealers and salespeople
  • pest control operators
  • building trades.

To find out your business licensing requirements, you should:

  1. List all of your business activities to get an idea of possible licences and permits you may need.
  2. Learn about licensing and registrations for your business, trade or profession by reading our business start-up guide.
  3. Visit the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) for online information about any regulations related to operating your business including:
  • a summary of the Queensland, local and Australian government requirements for your business
  • the contact details of the agency responsible for each listing
  • application forms
  • details of fees, periods of cover, and renewals
  • online lodgement and secure payment for some licences.

Codes of practice

A code of practice is referenced in an act or regulation and may include general statements of principle and practical advice for how a business or industry should operate, and detailed business practices where businesses must comply with specific standards.

Learn more about codes of practice.