Support for women in business

The Queensland Government's Advancing Women in Business initiative supports and encourages more women to start and grow their own business, and achieve positions of leadership.

Women in business can access targeted support including programs, grants, events, mentoring and education.

Free mentors to support your business growth

As you grow your business it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Your business may be progressing into new territory or you may be dealing with issues that you haven’t experienced before.

Find out how our free Mentoring for Growth program can help with business challenges.

Industry partnerships program

Our industry partnerships program supports projects that:

  • engage with women in business across the state to understand their needs
  • provide resources, events, networking, development and partnership opportunities to help women-led businesses start, grow and employ
  • showcase and share the stories of successful women in business
  • create and support networks to connect women in business with peers and mentors
  • deliver professional development programs to address skills gaps for women in business.

Industry Partnerships: service providers 2018-19

In September 2018, the 15 successful recipients in the latest round of Advancing Women in Business: Industry Partnerships program were announced. These organisations, including small businesses and community groups, deliver a range of projects and events to help women succeed in business across a range of industries.

The following industries are represented; retail leadership, plumbing, women's health, Indigenous mentoring, financial education, tourism, executive learning, music and support for female pharmacists.

The service providers and projects for 2018-19 are:


The Acceler8 program helps women entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their business by improving financial literacy.

Learn more about Accerler8 workshops and online education courses.

Advisory Board Centre

The Advisory Board Centre delivers a program aimed at entrepreneurial Queensland women who have achieved success in their own business or have had senior management experience growing and developing a business. The Advancing Women on Boards program assists women from diverse backgrounds, industries and locations across Queensland.

Learn more about the Advancing Women on Boards program.

Complete Business Solutions

The WISEAM (Women in Startups, Entrepreneurship and Management) program, established by Complete Business Solutions, supports women to succeed through capacity building and mentorship.

Learn more about WISEAM programs in Cairns.

Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland

The Women's Plumbing Alliance, supported by the Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland, delivers a range of events, workshops and resources designed to engage and encourage more women in the plumbing industry.

Read more about the Women's Plumbing Alliance.


Murawin supports Queensland Aboriginal business women and Torres Strait Islander business women who are either planning to start, starting up, or have established businesses, by providing workshops, mentoring and leadership training.

Learn more about Murawin professional development and training.

National Retail Association (NRA)

The NRA provides support and information, and represents the interests of retailers and fast food businesses across Queensland. The People Leadership Program was created to help women in retail reach their potential in management and get the best from their teams.

Read more about the People Leadership Program for women leaders.

Of One Mind

The Of One Mind team who deliver the Women of the World Festival program works with participants across 5 communities to consider entrepreneurship for successful businesses including social and cultural enterprises.

Learn more about the Women of the World Festival program.

Powerhouse Collective

The Powerhouse Collective is a business development and community space that harnesses everyday experiences of working women in business to provide business development training programs, mentoring, events and workshops.

Read about Powerhouse Collective workshops for women in business.


Established by QMusic, the Women in Music Mentoring Program supports female leaders in the music industry and fosters gender equality in the Queensland music industry.

Learn more about the Women in music mentoring program.

Queensland Resources Council

The Queensland Resources Council, in partnership with Women in Mining and Resources Queensland, supports women in business in the resources sector with professional development packages to participate in the Inspire Convention.

Read more about the 2019 International Women's Day Breakfast and Inspire Convention.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

The Pharmacy Guild's Intern Training Program will engage with female pharmacy students and staff to provide strategic planning and advice that enables women to move into pharmacy ownership.

Learn more about the Guild Intern Training Program.

Tourism Gems

Tourism Gems, in partnership with the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, delivers a series of workshops and mentoring sessions for business women in Queensland's tourism industry.

Contact Tourism Gems to find out more about future workshops and mentoring programs.

University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

Supported and delivered by USQ, the WiRE program promotes and cultivates women entrepreneurship and innovation in rural, regional and remote Australia. Workshops and webinars are delivered online and recorded sessions are available on their website.

Learn more about the WiRE program.

Utano Consulting

Utano Consulting, in partnership with the Islamic Women's Association of Australia (IWAA), delivers a program for women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to help them launch their businesses.

Contact the IWAA to learn more about the program.

Wandering Cooks

Wandering Cooks is Australia's largest artisan food and drink incubator. Based in Brisbane, they provide 5 shared commercial kitchen spaces to start-up food businesses, along with guidance and networks to help new businesses gain financial and operational self-sufficiency. They also run group based mentoring and a workshop program to assist women in business.

Find out more about Wandering Cooks.

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