Should I register a trademark or use an unregistered trademark?

The following factors may influence your decision to register a trademark.

Factor Deciding whether to register a trademark
Are you about to launch a new a product or service that you need to protect by creating and protecting market recognition? The launch of a new product or service is the optimum time to also launch the product's or service's trademark. If the trademark is registered it will deter competitors from seeking to 'free ride' on your launch and your marketing efforts.
Is your intended trademark the same as or similar to an already registered trademark? Have you undertaken a trademark search with IP Australia to see if it is possible to register your trademark?
Are you aware of the cost of registering a trademark? A fully informed decision about whether to register a trademark can only be made if you are aware of how much it will cost to do so. Visit IP Australia's website to get the latest information on the fees applicable in registering a trademark. Be aware that there is an additional cost for each class of goods and services in which you decide to register. If you engage a trademark attorney, be sure to ask what professional fees will also be payable.