How do I register a trademark?

Where do I register my trademark?

To apply for the registration of a trademark, you must file an application with IP Australia.

You can file the application online or download a paper application from IP Australia's website. You can also engage a trademark attorney to file the application on your behalf.

What happens after I file my application?

After the application is filed, the application is examined.

The trademark examiner considers whether there is compliance with all the requirements of the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cwlth).

After that examination process, in Australia, the application is accepted and is published in the 'Australian Official Journal of Trade Marks'.

Other parties have 3 months to seek to oppose or challenge the registration of your trademark.

After a successful examination, if there is no opposition or challenge, your trademark is registered. Or, if there has been opposition, after the trademark examiner's decision is affirmed, your trademark is registered.