Tips to manage direct marketing challenges

Direct marketing campaigns require careful planning and analysis. While direct marketing can be a powerful tool for growing your business, it must be properly considered, and supported by good information and recognised marketing principles and practices. Consider these tips for managing direct marketing challenges.

Tips for avoiding direct marketing pitfalls

Don't offend customers

Poorly planned or delivered direct marketing tactics can offend potential customers. Identify the customers who you believe are likely to be interested in your product or service. Build a database of potential customers and work through your contacts.

Approaching people who have no interest in your products or services can cause frustration and create negative perceptions about your business. Similarly, invasive and overly persistent communication tactics can also damage your reputation.

Understand marketing laws and ethics

Direct marketing practices are governed by the Australian Direct Marketing Association's code of practice and best practice guidelines. Take the time to learn about responsible direct marketing, and understand your direct marketing obligations (e.g. you must not contact individuals who have formally asked not to receive direct marketing).

If you understand the laws relating to unsolicited mail and telemarketing you can avoid a regulatory breach that would incur serious penalties for your business.

Be organised

Effective direct marketing campaigns are well-organised, purposeful and professional. Your direct marketing approaches are often your first meeting with your customers. First impressions count. Plan and script your approaches to customers carefully. Making confusing, poorly targeted or poorly delivered offers can lose you sales, opportunities, trust and credibility.

Avoid waste

Sustainable direct marketing practices reflect well on your business. Many of today's successful direct marketing campaigns rely far less heavily on paper and more on electronic delivery. When choosing your direct marketing tactics, consider the environmental implications. Review your market research and analyse whether your target market respond better to print or electronic communication.

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