Leaflet marketing using letterbox drops and handouts

Distributing leaflets through letterbox drops and handouts is a simple, inexpensive and proven way of reaching customers. Well-designed, attention-grabbing leaflets can work well for local business products that appeal to a broad audience. However, because letterbox drops don't allow you to select customers that fit your profile, they are a less targeted form of direct marketing.

Leaflet distributors can help local or area-focused businesses identify and distribute to chosen suburbs and postcode ranges, taking the footwork out of letterbox drops. Or you may choose to reach your customers by going door-to-door or using street marketing. You can also take a more targeted approach to distributing leaflets and handouts by identifying events where you think your ideal customers are likely to be.

Types of leaflet marketing

Approaches to leaflet marketing include:

  • blanketing — distributing leaflets, on their own, via a letterbox drop to all residences and buildings within a selected postcode range
  • sharing distribution — batching your leaflets with other material planned for letterbox distribution such as local newspapers and other advertising
  • product sampling — distributing samples of your products at events or to letterboxes in a targeted range
  • street marketing — handing out leaflets on a street location that will help your customers connect with your business (e.g. outside your business or at a local fete)
  • distributing handouts at events — such as industry and trade forums or community expos — that help you reach your ideal customers.

Tips for leaflet marketing

Prepare high-quality material. Your leaflet will compete with other letterbox material for attention. If possible, have your material professionally designed. Design for impact, and keep your messages clear, simple and direct.

Call your customers to act. Include a networking-focused call to action that encourages customers to come to your business and bring others to you. This will help you generate prospects and gauge how many people read your leaflet. For example, offer product discounts to encourage your customers to refer a friend, or a small low-margin add-on product to customers who mention your leaflet.

Offer an incentive in your leaflet to encourage a response. For example, offer a short-time only 10%-off deal, a complimentary coffee on arrival or free after-sales service.

Make your leaflet stand out from the crowd. Choose a distribution method that increases the odds that your leaflet will be the only thing your customers read. For example, book a solo (sole item) letterbox drop or seek permission to hand out your leaflet from a community event convenor who hasn't booked other advertisers.

Target your best customer leads and prospects. Start collecting postcodes from your customers. Select a postcode range for distribution that matches the locations of your existing customers. Also hunt for targeted handout opportunities. Be on the look out for community and industry events where you think you'll find customers who'll be interested in your products and services.

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