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Video transcripts - mentor case studies

In 4 case study videos mentors explain the benefits of volunteering as a mentor in the Mentoring for Growth (M4G) program:

Paul Hyland, QUT Business School

My name is Paul Hyland. I'm a Professor in Management at QUT Business School and I have been involved in the mentoring program since 2005. My main areas of expertise are business improvements and innovation management.

The reason I am involved in Mentoring for Growth is because it provides an opportunity to engage with some Queensland businesses that have experienced significant growth and are looking at growing even further.

These businesses take the opportunity to come along and listen to experienced business mentors who can offer guidance on how they can take the business to the next level. There is also an opportunity as a mentor to listen and learn from experienced mentors in a whole range of issues.

Colin Jenkins, business planning specialist

My name is Colin Jenkins. I've been in business for something in excess of 40 years mainly in Australia but overseas as well. Much of that time has been in the engineering construction industry, and I managed the Queensland operations of a multi-national contractor for some years.

In the last 10 years I've been working more with a range of small to medium business owners in a variety of industries and on a variety of things. If I have a specialty, it’s business planning and it's also succession and exit planning in those areas.

Why do I get involved in Mentoring for Growth? I've been involved actively since 2005 both as a panelist and a convenor of panels. I think independent businesses deserve all the support they can get and I'm happy to provide my little bit of support to them.

I originally thought that was the reason I'd participate, but it's become increasingly obvious to me that the program provides me with the opportunity also to meet some very interesting people in government, in academia and in business.

Mark Ferris, commercial law and early stage investment expert

My name is Mark Ferris. I started my career as a commercial attorney. I also spent 19 years working in Japan as a private equity investor, and we invested in technology companies and helped those companies to grow and achieve and exit.

Since moving to Australia I am also involved in early stage investment and have a fascination in entrepreneurship. I love to watch companies grow from inception and achieve the goals of the shareholders and employees and their customers.

I joined the Mentoring for Growth program in 2012 and I really enjoyed my time involved in mentorship. Each of the companies that we mentor is so diverse in terms of industry. We've seen hospitality companies, manufacturers, service providers, technology companies and they all have different challenges that they're trying to overcome.

Many of these are positive, like they're rapidly growing and they are trying to improve their businesses to be in a position to enjoy the growth that's ahead of them, and others are trying to stay alive, and we can as mentors try to guide them through these different challenges. So I always come out of a mentoring session with knowledge myself, things that I've learned from the other mentors and from the participants in the program, and I really appreciate that opportunity.

Roger Mychajlyk, business consultant

Hi my name is Roger Mychajlyk and I’ve got a consultancy business to support various businesses that's based on 40 years plus of experience across numerous industries.

I've been involved in the egg business, fertiliser, retail, car yards, fish food, it really doesn't quite matter. It's really the way that people think that's crucial to me and so that experience I then bring to the mentoring sessions.

I participate fundamentally because it's my time of life to actually give back to the community. I joined Mentoring for Growth in 2003 and it's a very worthwhile experience. The opportunity to work with companies that are developing themselves and wanting to grow is a very enjoyable process.

I also enjoy the networking aspects that we actually meet nine, ten different consultants on any particular day and that's a very worthwhile exercise.

There is also a dimension of improving skills, watching how other people whether it's a marketing expert or a lean expert, they've all got specialties and they add to my experience and assist me in learning because I’ve got a philosophy of always learning and trying to improve myself.

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