Innovate Queensland - Pathways Program

Innovate Queensland offers a range of activities to help small to medium-sized enterprises implement practical innovation and technology commercialisation solutions, grow their business through innovation activities and create jobs for the future.

The Pathways Program consists of practical half-day and full-day workshops and a suite of online and face-to-face support tools, including a webinar series and networking platforms.

The program is being delivered by the Impact Innovation Group on behalf of the Queensland Government. Innovate Queensland supports the Queensland Government’s $180 million Advance Queensland initiative.


  • Change the Future practical innovation workshop (half day) - learn how innovation works, where it happens, how it is adopted and managed, why innovation efforts can fail, strategies for innovation success, and the leadership your business needs to build an organisational culture that supports innovation.
  • Change the Future practical commercialisation workshop (half day) - learn about the options for taking your innovation to market, how concepts like lean start-up, effectual thinking for managing risk and uncertainty, and business model planning can improve product or service commercialisation efforts within businesses, and how to know if your product or service is investment-ready.
  • Design the Future practical innovation and research and development planning workshop (full day) – learn about the growth and financial benefits of strategic innovation planning, different types of innovation tools and systems available to businesses, research and development planning essentials, engaging with researchers, and implementing effective innovation programs.

Online support and events

  • GRID (Giving Research and Ideas Direction) - a LinkedIn forum and webinar series designed to foster innovation and commercialisation knowledge-sharing among members and collaboration across all industries.
  • IQLink - a series of collaboration activities (online and hosted events) with the potential to bring members together to generate ideas and solve industry-specific problems. IQLink includes:
    • Queensland Innovation Portal - based on the internationally popular Brightidea platform, this open innovation management system is designed to solve specific industry 'challenges' by facilitating the crowd-sourcing of ideas and implementation of solutions
    • Enterprise Access - a web-based resource designed to help businesses identify and connect with new technologies across a range of sectors, including Australian researchers, inventors and start-up companies
    • Industry Challenge Events - workshops designed to bring innovative thinkers together to generate ideas for solving industry-specific and/or regional-specific challenges
    • Collaboration Connectors - structured networking events to help you connect with the people and resources you need to take your ideas further.