Grants for renewable energy research and development (R&D)

A range of grants exist to help businesses and organisations fund renewable energy projects, energy efficiency and clean technologies. The 2 main funding programs are the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). Queensland Government opportunities and assistance are also available.

Advance Queensland

Through a series of programs to assist businesses in the development of innovative products and technologies, Advance Queensland provides grants to Queensland businesses developing next generation renewable energy technologies.

Find out more about the Advance Queensland initiative.

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

ARENA provides long-term financial assistance for renewable energy technology innovation.

ARENA aims to make renewable energy technologies more competitive and increase the supply of renewable energy through a range of funding programs. This includes funding to researchers, developers and businesses that have demonstrated the feasibility and potential commercialisation of a project.

Find out more about ARENA funding.

Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)

CEFC provides and develops financing solutions across the clean energy sector spanning renewable energy, low-emissions technologies and energy efficiency. It operates like a traditional financier by working collaboratively with co-financiers and project proponents to seek ways to secure financing solutions for the clean energy sector. CEFC will invest through partnerships, trusts and joint ventures, or through subsidiaries, with a focus on projects that are demonstrably commercial.

Find out more about funding from the CEFC.

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