Contacts and support for renewable energy projects

These Queensland Government departments and organisations provide advice and project facilitation about renewable energy projects.

State development initiatives

The Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning's industry initiatives encourage the growth of emerging energy sectors and support major renewable projects.

Contact the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning for more information.

Coordinator-General project facilitation

The Coordinator-General has wide-ranging powers to plan, deliver and coordinate large-scale infrastructure projects, while ensuring their environmental impacts are properly managed. These projects, in turn, promote economic and social development in Queensland.

These project facilitation powers include:

  • powers to coordinate the Environmental Impact Study process and to recommend approval conditions for a major project that has been declared a coordinated project
  • powers to ensure timely delivery of approvals required for a major project that has been declared a prescribed project
  • power to control planning and approval processes for projects within a declared State development area
  • land acquisition powers.

Contact the Office of the Coordinator-General for assistance and more information.

Trade and investment support

Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) promotes Queensland as an investment destination and provides support to potential investors. It has global representatives in markets around the world, and regional trade and investment advisors in major centres across Queensland.

TIQ's assistance to organisations that are looking to invest in Queensland includes help to:

Contact Trade and Investment Queensland for assistance and more information

Industry capability network

The Industry Capability Network Queensland (ICN) provides services to maximise procurement and supply chain opportunities for Queensland industry. Its services make it easier for buyers and suppliers to do business in Queensland.

Australian suppliers and project owners can register on the ICN Gateway, which is used to match local suppliers with project opportunities based on capabilities.

Contact the Industry Capability Network for assistance and more information

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