Contacts and support for renewable energy projects

Before commencing a renewable energy project in Queensland, you should contact these Queensland Government departments and organisations for advice and project facilitation.

State development project facilitation

The Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning provides statewide facilitation support and advice to assist private proponents to deliver projects that generate jobs and boost economic growth in Queensland.

The department can assist in the delivery of your renewable project by:

  • addressing issues and barriers that inhibit a project's establishment or expansion
  • ensuring a coordinated approach across government, including local government
  • providing an understanding of and linkage to local supply capability.

For assistance and more information contact the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.

Coordinator-General project facilitation

The Office of the Coordinator-General plays a significant facilitation role in major infrastructure projects in Queensland through the early identification of issues that could impact their delivery. The Coordinator-General has a wide range of statutory powers to assist with project facilitation and delivery, including renewable energy projects.

These powers include:

  • powers to grant early access to land for investigative and temporary works
  • powers to coordinate the Environmental Impact Study process and to recommend approval conditions for a major project that has been declared a coordinated project
  • powers to ensure timely delivery of approvals required for a major project that has been declared a prescribed project
  • power to control planning and approval processes for projects within a declared State development area
  • land acquisition powers.

For assistance and more information contact the Office of the Coordinator-General.

Trade and investment support

Trade and Investment Queensland's (TIQ) investment promotion agency works with national and international companies to encourage and facilitate inward investment in Queensland. The agency has 2 primary roles: attracting domestic and international investment to Queensland in key target industry sectors and assisting businesses already established here to expand. The agency can provide a number of investor services tailored to individual circumstances to make the decision as easy and smooth as possible.

TIQ can assist you with investor services including:

  • providing comparative information on business costs, skills availability and other business investment opportunities in Queensland
  • arranging site visits to explore the investment opportunities
  • facilitating introductions with industry experts, local supply chains and services providers, plus education and training organisations
  • guiding investors through any relevant state government processes, as well as facilitating meetings with federal and local government agencies to ensure projects runs smoothly.

For assistance and more information contact Trade and Investment Queensland.

Industry capability network

The Industry Capability Network Queensland (ICN) provides services to maximise the local industry participation in major projects and procurement. These services are aimed at maximising Queensland's employment and business growth by ensuring full, fair and reasonable opportunities are provided to local suppliers to participate in major private and government procurements.

The network assists private enterprises and government organisations in the acquisition of goods and/or services to create or retain opportunities for competitive local industry and suppliers.

Local suppliers can register free on the ICN Gateway, which is used to match local suppliers with tender opportunities based on capabilities.

For assistance and more information contact the Industry Capability Network.

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