Innovate Queensland

Innovate Queensland offers a range of activities to help small to medium-sized enterprises implement practical innovation and technology commercialisation solutions, grow their business through innovation activities and create jobs for the future.

The program is being delivered by the Impact Innovation Group on behalf of the Queensland Government. Innovate Queensland supports the Queensland Government’s $420 million Advance Queensland initiative.

Innovate Queensland’s capacity building workshops, webinars, and collaboration activities help innovators, entrepreneurs, and organisations across the state to:

  • reduce innovation development costs by opening up networks and referrals to innovation experts that cut the financial, time, and effort costs of overcoming commercialisation challenges
  • integrate innovation into existing enterprises by showing organisations how to implement proactive strategies that boost the value of research and development as well as other innovation activities
  • reduce the time lags from idea to income by offering expert guidance to help organisations navigate commercialisation processes and get products or services to the market sooner
  • optimise research and development capability and linkages by introducing technologies and experts that will help organisations sharpen their competitive edge
  • better target market needs and increase market uptake by exploring the right business models for managing the risks and costs around innovation and technology commercialisation.

Visit Innovate Queensland to find out more information about the program and to sign up for upcoming events.

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