Supervise your apprentice or trainee

When you take on an apprentice or trainee, you are obliged to provide a workplace supervisor, who:

  • is appropriately qualified to supervise at the right level
  • is designated to train the apprentice or trainee
  • is employed in the same workplace
  • has equal or similar working hours to your apprentice or trainee.

As well as being compulsory, supervisors also play a central role in the success or failure of an apprenticeships or traineeship.

A capable supervisor:

  • sets clear expectations
  • makes their apprentice or trainee feel supported
  • delivers high quality training and mentoring (which compensates for low training wages)
  • demonstrates rapport and understanding.

In turn, effective supervision of apprentices and trainees leads to:

  • more productive workplaces
  • higher quality output and services
  • more employees who can work independently
  • employees who can do a broader range of tasks
  • greater likelihood of apprentice or trainee completing their apprenticeship or traineeship.

Supervision of your apprentice or trainee

As an employer of an apprentice or trainee, you must ensure appropriate and qualified supervision of the apprentice or trainee during their apprenticeship or traineeship. Learn more about supervision and what makes a good supervisor.