Induct your new apprentice or trainee

Investing time in a thorough induction will help you get the most from your apprentice or trainee. It will also help ensure that your employee feels well-informed, welcomed and equipped to do their job.

Your apprentice's or trainee's induction is carried out:

Induction checklist

An induction should include:

  • an overview of the business
  • a tour of the workplace and introductions to other employees
  • an explanation of your apprentice's or trainee's role and responsibilities
  • expectations of all parties – employer, supervisor, apprentice or trainee, AASN provider, supervising registered training organisation (SRTO)
  • an explanation of working conditions including wages, working hours, start and finish times, dress code, breaks, leave and other entitlements
  • workplace health and safety protocols, including fire and evacuation procedures
  • the responsibilities and obligations under the training contract
  • administrative procedures
  • who to go to if there is a problem.