Training plan

A training plan is a formal, working document which describes what training and assessment will be carried out during your apprentice’s or trainee’s training contract.

The training plan specifies:

  • how, when and where training will be delivered
  • what assessment methods will be used.

Each apprentice or trainee has their own training plan, which is developed collaboratively by:

  • you
  • your apprentice or trainee
  • the supervising registered training organisation (SRTO).

What's in a training plan

It includes:

  • all units of competency needed to complete a chosen qualification
  • 'delivery mode' (e.g. workplace, classroom, online) and responsibilities for each unit of competency
  • dates for any classroom or off-the-job learning
  • recognition of prior learning
  • assessments (methods, outcomes, signatures to indicate competency)
  • support services for apprentices and trainees with special needs.

Employer's responsibilities

You are responsible for:

  • negotiating and signing the training plan
  • having your own copy
  • providing any workplace tasks listed in the training plan
  • working together with your apprentice or trainee and the SRTO to support your apprentice's or trainee's progress
  • giving written and signed notice to the department, if you don't think your apprentice or trainee will complete their training in time.

SRTO's responsibilities

The SRTO is responsible for, but not limited to:

  • negotiating (and developing) the training plan with you and your apprentice or trainee
  • having their own copy of the training plan
  • advising you how all competency units can be completed (different ways they can be delivered and assessed)
  • providing training and assessment (as listed in the training plan)
  • notifying you and the apprentice or trainee of any issues that will affect the training plan.

Apprentice's or trainee's responsibilities

Your apprentice or trainee is responsible for:

  • having their own copy of the training plan
  • carry out all learning and assessment as listed in the training plan
  • working jointly with you and the SRTO to achieve competency in all units.

Training plans for school students

If you employ a school-based apprentice or trainee, the student's school is not a party to the training plan.

However, the school must be involved in negotiating the work and study arrangements of the apprenticeship or traineeship and how it affects the student's timetable.

Change the training plan

The training plan is a flexible document and can be changed to suit, if your situation changes.

Key dates relating to the training plan


Time frame

You must sign the training plan

within 3 months of the start of the apprenticeship/traineeship

You and your apprentice or trainee should receive a copy of the signed training plan from the SRTO

within 14 days of it being signed

You must sign any agreed changes to the training plan

within 14 days of agreement

If the SRTO makes a minor change to the training plan, you and your apprentice or trainee should receive a copy of the changed training plan from them

within 14 days of the SRTO making the change