Workplace staff training

As an employer you are legally required to develop a staff training program. An important part of this training is to ensure your staff's safety while undertaking their duties. You can undertake staff training either in-house or externally.

As part of your risk management plan you should be fully aware of what personal safety risks are faced by your staff. Training can then address these risks.

For new staff, personal safety training will be part of work health and safety inductions.

Staff personal safety training

It is important training addresses the personal safety risks faced by your staff. Training modules may include:

Worker supervision

Employers are legally required to provide staff with adequate supervision to ensure their personal safety in the workplace. You should include procedures for worker supervision in your training program. Staff may need to be supervised while undertaking the following activities:

  • handling hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods
  • operating mechanical equipment
  • working under stressful conditions
  • dealing with threatening or difficult customers (i.e. in the food and beverage industry)
  • working early or leaving late.

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