Long service leave in Queensland

For long service leave enquiries, contact the Industrial Relations Infoline on (07) 3406 9999.

Alternatively, if you believe you have not been paid correctly for your long service leave, you may wish to submit a long service leave claim form.

Long service leave is a period of paid leave granted to employees in recognition of a long period of service with an employer.

Employers and employees, with the exception of state and local government, are covered by the national industrial relations system. However, where no entitlement to long service leave exists under the Federal system, an employee will have an entitlement in accordance with the Industrial Relations Act 2016.

The Industrial Relations Act 2016 provides long service leave entitlements for most employees in Queensland, including casual, regular part-time and seasonal employees subject to certain conditions.

The Office of Industrial Relations can investigate potential breaches of the long service leave provisions under the Industrial Relations Act 2016.

This guide explains eligibility and different types of entitlements employees have to long service leave.