Queensland Kindergarten Funding subsidies

Services eligible for Queensland Kindergarten Funding qualify for a base subsidy. Additional subsidies may be available depending on your circumstances. These subsidies must be passed on to families

Base subsidy

Eligible services receive a base subsidy for every child enrolled in an approved 600-hour kindergarten program.

Kindergarten services receive up to $3,730 per eligible child per year.

Long day care services receive up to $1,874 per eligible child per year.

Inclusion subsidy

This subsidy helps services to improve their inclusive practices so that children of all identities and abilities are welcome at kindy.

Affordability subsidies

There are 2 affordability subsidies: Kindy plus and Kindy Family Tax Benefit.

The Kindy plus subsidy is for families of children who meet 1 or more specific criteria.

Families that are eligible for the Australian Government's Family Tax Benefit Part A or Part B in the financial year prior to enrolment can receive the Kindy Family Tax Benefit subsidy.

Targeted subsidies

Targeted subsidies are also available to services:

  • service location subsidy – targets teacher attraction and retention in outer regional, remote and very remote areas
  • educational need grant – or Kindy uplift – to improve educational outcomes for each child.

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