Evidence guidelines for local government community housing providers

Local government community housing providers must meet the requirements of the Queensland State Regulatory System for Community Housing (QSRSCH) evidence guidelines (PDF, 555KB) as a condition of registration.

The guidelines describe the business documentation and performance data you need to ensure your community housing program is well governed, well managed and financially viable.

The evidence guidelines also outline the principles we apply when assessing your performance under the QSRSCH:

  • accountable: able to justify regulatory assessments and be subject to scrutiny
  • consistent: based on standardised information and methods
  • transparent: clear and open processes and decisions
  • flexible: avoiding unnecessary rules about how local governments organise their business and demonstrate compliance
  • targeted: focuses on the core purpose of improving tenant outcomes and protecting vulnerable tenants, protecting government funding and equity and ensuring investor and partner confidence.

Use these evidence guidelines in conjunction with the following: