About the state regulatory system for community housing

The Queensland State Regulatory System for Community Housing (QSRSCH) is the Queensland system for registering, monitoring and regulating local government and prescribed state providers of community housing, including Indigenous councils.

All local governments funded under the Housing Act 2003 to provide community housing in Queensland must be registered under the QSRSCH to continue their funding relationship.

This ensures that local government providers meet national service standards and are held to the same industry-based performance outcomes as nationally registered providers.

The QSRSCH regulates local governments, while the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) regulates non-government organisations.

Regulation of the QSRSCH

The QSRSCH is administered by the Queensland Registrar, and aligns itself with:

  • applicable code provisions of the NRSCH
  • requirements of Queensland's Housing Act 2003.

QSRSCH guides

State providers of community housing need to comply with the conditions of registration, including reporting performance outcomes. These guides will help you understand your responsibilities and meet reporting requirements:

CHRIS – online regulatory system

Log in to CHRIS

The Community Housing Regulatory Information System (CHRIS) has now replaced the Queensland Regulatory Information Community Housing (QRICH).

All registration and compliance activities are processed through this online portal.

You will receive login details, electronic training and support materials before you use CHRIS.

Read the Guide to navigating CHRIS (PDF, 1.4MB)

Watch the training video about using CHRIS.

Registration transition period

The complexities around councils and other providers seeking to exit funding agreements resulted in multiple extensions to the transition period.

All extensions have now passed.

All local government and local Indigenous council providers that want to continue delivering services in Queensland's funded housing and homelessness assistance system should now be registered.

Read more about meeting registration requirements.

Maintaining quality service delivery

State-based registration is designed to ensure a high standard of service delivery by registered community housing providers.

We only give funding for social housing services to registered providers as per the Housing Act.

Getting help

Email QLDHousingRegistrar@chde.qld.gov.au for more information and assistance.