Compliance for local government community housing providers

State-based community housing providers must comply with performance requirements under the Queensland State Regulatory System for Community Housing (QSRSCH) as a condition of their registration.

You must demonstrate compliance through periodic compliance returns—undertaking standard compliance assessments at least every 2 years.

This involves completing a standard compliance return in our online regulatory system CHRIS, with a comprehensive assessment that focuses on all performance requirements involving the highest risk in the sector and for each registered community housing provider.

Where required, we will conduct an on-site compliance visit.

We may conduct a compliance assessment if we identify:

  • serious operational or financial risk
  • failure to comply with legislative or government policy and guidelines
  • serious non-compliance
  • a pattern of non-compliance
  • serious complaints
  • potential harm to tenants (identified or reported).

A regulatory analyst will give you information about compliance scheduling.

They will also guide you in completing your compliance return using the available tools, resources and the CHRIS system.

Read the guides about compliance for state providers and completing your return.