Summary of registration conditions for community housing

To become and remain registered under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH), you must meet standard conditions of registration, and any other requirements that apply.

You must also meet requirements relating to your community housing assets.

Housing assets

You need to keep a list of all your community housing assets in a format approved by the Registrar and make the list available on request.

Your constitution must provide for all remaining community housing assets to be transferred to another registered provider or housing agency if your organisation is winding up. Read more about winding-up clauses for community housing providers.

Information provision

You must give the Registrar any information about your business and how you conduct business, including arrangements with other parties to carry out your functions, as required by the Registrar.

You must meet any Registrar requests for information or documentation about your business functions within 14 days or another day as agreed.

Meetings and inspections

A suitably qualified officer must attend any meetings requested by the Registrar to answer questions about your affairs.

You must also allow the Registrar to inspect your premises or records at any reasonable time.


You must notify the Registrar of certain incidents and events within specified time frames. Read more about notifiable incidents and events for community housing.

Additional standard conditions

The Registrar may impose additional standard conditions of registration for a provider. Registrars may agree to these conditions of registration when determining an application or issuing a notice in writing to the provider.

You will be able to make a submission on any proposed additional standard condition before it is issued.

The Registrar can also revoke additional standard conditions at any time by a notice in writing.

Rights of tenants

The Queensland's National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) does not authorise a:

  • registered community housing provider to provide information to a Registrar that identifies a person who occupies a residential premises
  • Registrar to enter an occupied residential premises unless the occupier consents.

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