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Create a biodiscovery plan

The Biodiscovery Act 2004 requires you to have a biodiscovery plan before you can obtain a biodiscovery collection authority and enter into a benefit sharing agreement.

What to include in a biodiscovery plan

Your biodiscovery plan should include:

  • a description of your biodiscovery business
  • commercialisation activities you propose to carry out
  • proposed timetable for carrying out the activities
  • where the activities will be carried out
  • types of activities you propose engaging someone else to carry out
  • expected benefits of biodiscovery to the state.

Email for help developing a biodiscovery plan or to organise a pre-application meeting.

Biodiscovery plan guidelines and template

The best way to ensure you include all the required elements of a biodiscovery plan is to use the biodiscovery plan template.

This template will provide key areas to address when applying for both a biodiscovery collection authority and entering into a benefit sharing agreement.

It is useful to review the guidelines for preparing a biodiscovery plan before using the biodiscovery plan template.


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