Water limitation (restriction) notices

In some circumstances, we may limit the take of water from surface and groundwater. This can occur in times of drought, low water availability or stress on water resources.

The water limitation notice will provide details about the restrictions including:

  • the type of water and/or purpose the limitation applies to
  • the area affected by the limitation
  • the date the limitation comes into effect.

Notices of limitations remain in force until they are withdrawn by way of another notice.

Taking water in contravention of a limitation notice is an offence under the Water Act 2000 and carries a maximum penalty of 500 penalty units. View the current value of penalty units.

Current water limitations

Water plan area Notice of limitations Date of effect
Whitsunday Andromache River and tributaries (PDF, 88KB)25 November 2022
Whitsunday O'Connell River and tributaries (PDF, 121KB)2 October 2023