Public access to emergency action plans

You can access a list of approved emergency action plans (EAPs) for referable dams.

Explanatory notes

  • View the map to access the approved EAPs.
  • EAPs are not the complete emergency response package. They are intended to complement the plans of local disaster management groups who have primary response roles in most disaster situations. Ask your council for the local group's contact details.
  • EAPs are reviewed annually to ensure their continued effectiveness. New or amended versions, when approved, are then published. This can occur at any time.
  • EAPs can be very large documents and could take some time to download.
  • Privacy information (i.e. name, address and contact details of an individual) has been redacted from the published EAPs.
  • The Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water does not guarantee the accuracy of the mapping presented or the accuracy of the modelling on which they are based. That is the responsibility of the dam owner.

The owner of a referable dam must keep a copy of the approved EAP and make it available to anyone who has a function under the plan or is named and required to be personally notified of an emergency condition.

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