Expressions of interest for unallocated water from Lower Brisbane River and Cabbage Tree Creek Sub-catchments

Expressions of Interest for unallocated surface water from Lower Brisbane River and Cabbage Tree Creek sub-catchments are now open until 3 February 2023.

The department is proposing to make 100 megalitres (ML) of unallocated water available for use by community facilities and small-scale businesses in the Lower Brisbane River and Cabbage Tree Creek sub-catchments.

Eligible applicants can register their interest for future water licences to take water to help manage their costs of providing high-quality facilities and services for the community.

Before registering your interest for a water licence, read the information on this page, then follow the instructions to register.

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Expression of Interest will be accepted anytime until the closing date of 5pm on Friday 3 February 2023.

Who can register

Expression of interest are sought from owners of land within the area of release or a prescribed entity.

Registrants need to be for either a community facility or small-scale commercial enterprise.

A community facility under section 25(2) of the Moreton Water Plan includes:

  • a public recreational facility such as:
    • showgrounds
    • community leisure centre
    • PCYC or Scouts grounds
    • green space for public amenities
    • water parklands
  • a sporting facility such as a golf club or sports field
  • another facility used by a not-for-profit organisation, for example community gardens.

A small-scale commercial enterprise is defined as a small enterprise with less than 20 employees (from the Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Register your Expression of Interest

How much water may be available for future water licences

Depending on the intended use of the water, and scale of operations, applicants may be able to apply for a water licence authorising them to take up to 10ML per year from watercourses within the relevant sub-catchment areas. More information on available water products will be available when applications for licences are open.

Purpose of the EOI

The release of unallocated water in the Lower Brisbane River and Cabbage Tree Creek sub-catchments will be tailored to maximise social and economic benefit to the local community and promote the efficient use of available water resources by easing reliance on urban drinking water supplies.

The department wants to better understand the demand for additional water licences in these sub-catchments, the proposed intended water use and the scale of operations of eligible community organisations and small businesses. This information will assist in finalising the terms of the new licences.

About the water resource

In December 2019, the Moreton Water Plan was amended to include 100ML of general or strategic reserve. This water was retrieved from expired or surrendered water licences in the Lower Brisbane River and the Cabbage Tree Creek sub-catchments areas since the original release of water plan in 2007 and is not deemed new water.

Our water planning process has ensured the extraction of this water is within sustainable limits for the health of the water system.

Impact on existing entitlements and the environment

Licences granted will include conditions that are designed to meet environmental flow objectives and protect existing users' access to water.

The annual volumetric limits granted will provide limits that ensure new entitlements will not compromise the reliability of existing entitlements. Flow thresholds will ensure that peak flows continue to provide ecological benefits to waterholes, floodplains, estuaries and wetlands.

Contact us

For assistance with the expression of interest process, contact the department by:


Phone: 1800 994 188

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