Your rights when petroleum and gas inspectors visit

An inspector has functions to perform and powers to exercise under the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 (the Act) to help ensure and improve safety and health in the petroleum and fuel gas industry in Queensland.

A person may refuse entry to an inspector to a place, except when it is:

  • a public place
  • authorised by a warrant
  • to follow-up on a previous direction
  • to a place of business to which the Act relates that is open for business
  • in response to an emergency or incident.

An inspector may, at any reasonable time, enter a place where an operating plant is situated, as long as the inspector complies with each relevant safety requirement, under the safety management plan for that plant. The only time this does not apply, is when the Chief Inspector has provided written approval for an inspector not to comply.

If you have any questions following an inspector's visit, follow-up with the inspector, who will provide you with contact details and clarify what is required, and explain your obligations and rights.

For more information, contact the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate.