Standards and resources for health assessments

In response to the identification of coal workers' pneumoconiosis, a number of standards have been introduced to improve the quality and consistency of health screening for coal mine workers. We have also developed some resources to help employers complete the health assessment form.


Similar exposure groups (SEGs)

Similar exposure groups (SEGs) are used to identify groups of workers who have the same general exposure to risks.

The SEG information sheet (PDF, 111KB) has guidance on establishing site-specific SEGs, as well as SEG listings you can use for reporting personal respirable dust monitoring data.

Position list for coal mine workers

Coal mine workers' position titles need to be provided by employers when completing Section 1 of the approved health assessment form.

The Standardised coal mine worker position list (PDF, 380KB) has a list of position titles and categories, as well as guidance on how to classify a position.

More information

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