Appointed medical advisers

Employers are required to appoint one or more medical practitioners as their appointed medical adviser (AMA).

An AMA who has been appointed by one employer does not have AMA status for other employers. A written contract between each employer and the AMA is required.

Role of the AMA

The AMA's role is to carry out, supervise and report on health assessments and retirement examinations for the employer's coal mine workers.

The AMA will apply the Coal Mine Workers' Health Scheme (CMWHS) Clinical pathways guideline (PDF, 702KB) in referring on, or following up, coal mine workers whose screening examinations show irregularities.

Only the employer's appointed AMA can complete and sign section 4 of the relevant health assessment form for the employer's coal mine workers. However, section 3 of the forms can be completed by an examining medical officer approved by Resources Safety & Health Queensland (RSHQ) working under the supervision of the AMA.

Finding a doctor to appoint as an AMA

From 1 March 2019, employers must only appoint doctors from the RSHQ register of supervising doctors as their AMA .

These doctors have been assessed as having met qualification and experience standards for assessing coal mine workers. Doctors on the register are required to participate in an annual training program.

Contracts appointing AMAs

Employers must appoint the AMA in writing.

The written contract must include requirements for the AMA to:

  • have a discussion with both the employer and coal mine worker (or the worker's representative) and advise about appropriate duties for the worker in section 4 of the forms (the health assessment report)
  • discuss the worker's health assessment with another doctor nominated by the worker, if requested by the coal mine worker
  • give a copy of section 4 to the employer
  • give a copy and explanation of section 4 to the worker.

The contract must also include:

  • term of the AMA's appointment
  • commercial details, such as a schedule of fees.

Notification requirements

AMAs must notify us of any changes to their contact details. Email or post your notice to the Health Surveillance Unit (details below).

Employers must notify us as soon as practicable after appointing an AMA or when an appointment ends. Check the list below to make sure you've included all the required information, then email or post your notice to:

Health Surveillance Unit
Resources Safety & Health Queensland
PO Box 467

What to include in the employer notification

Details of the person giving notice

  • Name
  • Position

Employer details

  • Business or trading name
  • ABN
  • Business address
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Phone/mobile number

Details of the appointment

  • For a notice of appointment: start date and term of appointment (if any)
  • For a notice of the end of appointment: end date

AMA details

  • Name
  • Registration number
  • Practice address
  • Postal address*
  • Email address*
  • Phone number*
  • Fax number (if applicable)*

*Not required when notifying the end of appointment.


Contact the Health Surveillance Unit