Coal Mine Workers' Health Scheme (formerly Coal Board Medical)

The Coal Mine Workers' Health Scheme (formerly the Coal Board Medical) protects the health of Queensland coal mine workers by ensuring they undergo compulsory health assessments. This includes an assessment when they enter the industry and then at least every 5 years while employed in the industry.

Retired workers can access the scheme on a voluntary basis.

Operators of Queensland coal mines must ensure that health assessments are carried out on each person they employ, or intend to employ, as a coal mine worker.

This guide explains the requirements of the scheme, including recent changes made as part of the Queensland Government's response to coal workers' pneumoconiosis.

Note: The Coal Mine Workers' Health Scheme health assessment should not be confused with the Queensland mines rescue medical, which is intended for mines rescue personnel.

Visit Miners' Health Matters to find out more about coal mine dust lung diseases and support for affected workers. You can also order copies of our free pocket guides for coal mine workers.


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