Report an incident

You must notify an inspector of mines if a serious accident or high-potential incident occurs at your site.

For information on reporting requirements for metalliferous mines and quarries, read QGN6: Guidance to metalliferous mines and quarries in reporting serious accidents and high-potential incidents (PDF, 293KB).

Immediate notifications

You must immediately notify an inspector of mines in the case of:

  • an accident causing death
  • an accident causing admission to hospital for a bodily injury endangering or likely to endanger life
  • a high-potential incident of a type prescribed by regulation.

Online incident forms

You must submit an incident form following your verbal notification and whenever an incident is confirmed as a lost time/disabling incident, disease or high-potential incident. You must also submit a monthly summary report at the end of each calendar month.

The Queensland mining industry reporting manual (PDF, 964KB) has instructions to help you complete the online incident forms.

Submit an incident report Submit a monthly summary report