Mine emergency exercise reports

All Queensland underground coal mines must run annual simulations to test their readiness for emergencies. In addition to their own exercises, each year one mine hosts the state's level 1 emergency exercise. These exercises have been held annually since 1998 and are monitored by assessors from the Queensland, New South Wales and international coal mining community.

This systematic exercise of emergency procedures in mines provides valuable experience to industry and workers and is a vital tool in improving mine safety systems. The exercises are the result of a recommendation made by the Queensland Mining Warden's inquiry into the explosion at the Moura No. 2 Mine in August 1994.

This guide provides access to the assessors' reports, videos of the exercises and summaries of key findings.

Pilot project for metalliferous mines

An inaugural level 1 mine emergency exercise was trialled at the George Fisher underground mine in Mount Isa in late August 2016. The organising committee has recommended this be an annual event, as it is for coal mines.

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