Entry notices

The information on this page applies from June 2023.

Entry notice requirements

Before entering private land to carry out preliminary activities, the resource authority holder must give a written notice to each landholder at least 10 business days before entry.

The entry notice must include details of the:

  • the land you're proposing to enter
  • the period during which you'll be entering the land
  • the activities you're proposing to carry out on the land
  • when and where you'll conduct the activities
  • the resource authority holder's contact details or those of their representative.

The initial entry notice should also include a copy of:

  • the resource authority
  • the relevant environmental authority
  • the Land Access Code
  • any relevant code or code of practice made under a resource Act that applies to the authorised activities for the resource authority
  • a guide to land access in Queensland (PDF, 1.5MB).

If a conduct and compensation agreement has been referred to the Land Court, or the parties have agreed to enter an arbitration process, the resource authority holder still needs to provide a valid entry notice 10 business days before entry.

You don't need to provide copies of entry notices to the Department of Resources.


For advanced activities, often there are other provisions in place, and resource authority holders won't need to provide an entry notice. For example, a conduct and compensation agreement or deferral agreement may include alternative arrangements.

Landholders won't receive entry notices if:

  • they've entered into an opt-out agreement
  • they've provided the resource company with a written waiver
  • another valid exception applies.

Entry notice template

Resource authority holders can use the entry notice template to help meet the entry and access requirements. This template includes best-practice examples that will help ensure that landholders have enough information to assess the impact on their operations.

You can no longer use the Mines Online system to generate entry notices.

Waiver of entry notice

A landholder can choose to waive the requirements for entry notices by providing a written waiver. The waiver notice must include a statement that the landholder has been advised that they are not required to give a waiver.

More information

For further information, A guide to land access in Queensland (PDF, 1.5MB) sets out the minimum requirements to be met before entry, for either:

  • preliminary activities (e.g. providing an entry notice)
  • advanced activities (e.g. conduct and compensation agreement, deferral agreement or opt out agreement).

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