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QDEX Data will be replaced by a new system, the GSQ Open Data Portal, which is scheduled to be released on 3 August 2020.

QDEX Data will be shut down on 28 August 2020.

Find out about the GSQ Open Data Portal and trial the pilot system.

QDEX Data lets you search for and download large geoscience spatial datasets. You can use QDEX Data without registering.

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QDEX Data gives you access to:

  • 3D geological and geophysical models
  • airborne geophysical survey data including state, federal, open-range and open file company exploration surveys packaged by Aerial Geophysical Survey System (AGSS) number
  • ASTER data
  • data packages including geological mapping data, GIS packages, publications, GSQ site observations data and Queensland mineral occurrence data
  • geochemistry including drill hole locations, down-hole assays and geology, and assays of rock chips, stream sediment, soils and whole rock samples packed by broad region
  • ground geophysical data, including gravity data
  • hyperspectral data
  • map collections including geochemistry, geology, groundwater, index, industrial rock, mine, mineral occurrence and resource maps
  • QPED download
  • seismic survey processed data and field data packaged by survey
  • wireline log data packaged by well.

User guides

Get help in QDEX Data by clicking the question-mark icon.

Read our geoscience digital data guide for details of available datasets.

Technical support and feedback

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