QDEX Data lets you search for and download large geoscience spatial datasets. You can use QDEX Data without registering.

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QDEX Data gives you access to:

  • 3D geological and geophysical models
  • airborne geophysical survey data including state, federal, open-range and open file company exploration surveys packaged by Aerial Geophysical Survey System (AGSS) number
  • ASTER data
  • data packages including geological mapping data, GIS packages, publications, GSQ site observations data and Queensland mineral occurrence data
  • geochemistry including drill hole locations, down-hole assays and geology, and assays of rock chips, stream sediment, soils and whole rock samples packed by broad region
  • ground geophysical data, including gravity data
  • hyperspectral data
  • map collections including geochemistry, geology, groundwater, index, industrial rock, mine, mineral occurrence and resource maps
  • QPED download
  • seismic survey processed data and field data packaged by survey
  • wireline log data packaged by well.

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Read our geoscience digital data guide for details of available datasets.

Technical support and feedback

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Email: qdexsupport@dnrme.qld.gov.au


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