Geology of Queensland book, map and framework

These standard references on Queensland geology are a vital tool for all geoscientists, exploration professionals, researchers, teachers and students of the physical world.

The book, framework and map can be downloaded from the GSQ Open Data Portal. They can also be purchased in hard copy form. See the Geology of Queensland order form (PDF, 84KB) for physical copies.

Purchasing information

The 'Queensland Geology 1:2,000,000 scale map and structural framework 2012' is supplied either flat or folded. The map and framework can be joined or used as standalone products.

Contact us for information on postal delivery costs.


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Queensland Geology map and structural framework hard copy (folded or flat) {{ passfee_36466 }}
Geology of Queensland book (available as either hard copy) and Queensland Geology map and framework package (hard copy map set) {{ passfee_36481 }}

Refer to the Geology of Queensland order form (PDF, 84KB) for GST free prices.