Policies and guidelines for mining and resources

Use our mining policies and guidance material to help you complete your application forms and comply with the requirements of your resource authority. Click on a heading to either expand or collapse the heading content.

Information on using MyMinesOnline to lodge your applications is included in the guides where applicable.

Operational policies

Operational policies


Policy number Title Version
1/2017Technical assessment of an application for a mineral development licence (PDF, 420KB)  3.00


Policy number Title Version
1/2016 Deciding the term of a mining lease(PDF, 205KB) 1.00


Policy number Title Version
1/2015 Special amendment of an authority to prospect work program (PDF, 161KB) 2.01


Policy number Title Version
1/2014 Project-based development plans (PDF, 161KB) 1.01
2/2014 Application for declaration of a potential commercial area (PDF, 100KB) 1.01
8/2014 Renewal of exploration permits in areas proposed for national parks and regional parks (PDF, 101KB) 1.01


Policy number Title Version
1/2013 Administrative compliance tools (PDF, 249KB) 1.01
2/2013 Applying for a mining lease for coal with a prospecting permit (PDF, 102KB) 1.01
3/2013 Exceptional circumstances (PDF, 135KB) 1.01
4/2013 Certificate of application - assessment of a coal or oil shale mining lease application (PDF, 101KB) 1.01
5/2013 Public notice requirements and transitional arrangements (PDF, 105KB) 1.01


Policy number Title Version
2/2012 Assessment of applications for exploration permits (PDF, 104KB) 1.01
3/2012 Strict compliance and substantial compliance (PDF, 150KB) 1.01
4/2012 Conditional surrender of exploration permits (PDF, 99KB) 1.01
5/2012 Work program and relinquishment conditions (PDF, 139KB) 1.01
6/2012 Excluding land subject to native title (PDF, 167KB) 1.01
7/2012 Prescribed areas (excess and non-contiguous) (PDF, 108KB) 1.01
8/2012 Project-based permit administration (PDF, 103KB) 1.01
9/2012 Eligibility, proof of identity and authorised person/s (PDF, 101KB) 1.01
10/2012 Renewal of exploration permits (PDF, 115KB) 1.01
11/2012 Application to vary conditions of an exploration permit (PDF, 175KB) 1.02
12/2012 Notice to progress applications for grant or renewal of a resource authority (PDF, 102KB) 1.01

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