How explosives are used in Queensland

Queensland is the largest user of explosives in Australia, using about 1.5 million tonnes each year (approximately 40% of all explosives used nationwide).

Most explosives are used in the mining and quarrying industries, but also in:

  • manufacturing and construction industries
  • the demolition industry
  • the entertainment industry (fireworks, special effects, film and TV, theatre)
  • pyrotechnics
  • safety devices for automotive and aircraft industries
  • lifesaving and signalling devices for maritime industries
  • ammunition, propellants and sporting shooters
  • oil and gas industries
  • the rocket industry.

Explosives also have many other everyday uses, including for:

  • industrial tools
  • medical instruments
  • fire extinguishers
  • railroad track signals
  • airbag inflators
  • medication
  • tunnelling
  • welding
  • metal hardening
  • novelty (caps, bon bons, sparklers, party poppers)
  • starter pistols
  • model rockets.

In Queensland, explosives are controlled by legislation and regulated by the Explosives Inspectorate, which decides who is allowed to possess, manufacture, own, use, store, transport, sell, import, export and dispose of explosives.


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