Fuel seller reporting under the biobased petrol mandate

Below is a summary of fuel sales activity in Queensland by liable fuel retailers since the commencement of the sustainable biobased petrol mandate.

The data reflects what fuel retailers have reported to the department, but some fuel retailers may have failed to report or not reported accurately. The department is working with fuel retailers to address any identified data inaccuracies.

Volume of regular and ethanol-blended petrol sold by liable fuel retailers in megalitres

The mandate percentage for each quarterly period depicts the percentage of pure ethanol from the total volume of regular-unleaded petrol (RULP) and RULP blends, such as E10 and E85.

Since January to March 2016 (prior to commencement of the mandate on 1 January 2017), reportable volumes of E10, the most popular ethanol-blended petrol grade, have increased by 99%.

Total volumes of petrol sold can be expected to fluctuate over time. Reported E10 sales volumes have increased from the previous quarter and other petrol types have plateaued. This has resulted in the ethanol mandate target moving upwards to 2.8%.

Due to the way the department collects data from fuel sellers, the volume of premium-unleaded petrol (PULP) is the combined volumes of 95RON and 98RON petrol.

Volume of petrol types sold by liable fuel retailers in megalitres

In the data above, the availability of premium-unleaded petrol (PULP) is the combined availability of 95RON and 98RON petrol. Sites selling PULP may be offering only 95RON, only 98RON, or both.

Petrol availability at retail sites owned or operated by liable fuel retailers

The number of sites offering biobased petrol continues to grow, with over 30 additional sites offering E10 in the most recently reported quarter.

Note: Some previously reported data for earlier quarters has been adjusted, based on more recently reported information from fuel sellers.


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