Queensland biofuel mandate

The Liquid Fuel Supply Act 1984 requires the fuel industry to sell minimum amounts of sustainable biobased fuel, such as E10.

The mandate commenced on 1 January 2017 and sets minimum requirements for the sale of ethanol-blended regular unleaded petrol and biobased diesel. The biobased petrol mandate will apply separately to the biobased diesel mandate.

The Act requires that 3% of the total volume of regular unleaded petrol sales and ethanol-blended fuel sales by liable retailers must be biobased petrol (ethanol). For example, if 3 out of every 10 litres of regular petrol sold by a petrol station were E10, which contains 10% ethanol, that station would have complied with the mandate.

From 1 July 2018, the biobased petrol mandate will increase to 4%. The biobased diesel mandate requires 0.5% of all diesel fuel sold to be biobased diesel.

This guide explains how to comply with the mandate and register as a fuel seller.


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