Advantages of bringing a renewable energy supply chain business to Queensland

There are many advantages to bringing your renewable energy supply chain business to Queensland, including access to natural resources, supply networks, a strong manufacturing industry and a range of government support programs.

Supply networks

Queensland has strong renewable energy supply networks in place to support the industry and promote growth.

Research and development (R&D) capabilities

Queensland has a number of world-class R&D institutes and initiatives that focus on the development of the renewable energy sector. These include the:

  • Centre for Organic Photonics and Electronics (University of Queensland)
  • Queensland Solar Research Consortium
  • Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
  • CPV Research for Hot Climates (James Cook University)
  • Queensland Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence
  • Coastal Geothermal Energy Initiative (CGEI)
  • ARC Centre of Excellence for Functional Nanomaterials
  • National Battery Testing Centre (Queensland University of Technology).

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Strong manufacturing industry

Queensland has competitive advantages in high-technology advanced manufacturing sectors, as well as strengths in traditional manufacturing sectors that can support renewable supply chains (e.g. metal fabrication).

Support for renewable energy projects in Queensland is provided by our world-class manufacturing sector. This is available across the supply chain, from R&D and piloting to energy generation and advanced renewable energy component manufacturing.

Queensland's manufacturing industry also has strong capabilities in:

  • engineering
  • machinery
  • equipment
  • mineral and metal product manufacturing
  • silica refining
  • silica processing and polysilicon/silicon manufacturing.

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Queensland enjoys around 263 days of sunshine each year and an average of 12 hours of sunshine each day. In winter, Queensland averages 10.5 hours of sunshine per day, increasing to 13.5 hours per day in summer.

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