Investing in Queensland's critical minerals

About critical minerals

Critical minerals are a range of essential metals and minerals used in emerging technologies such as electric vehicles, renewable energy products, low-emission power sources, consumer devices, and products for the medical, defence and scientific research sectors.

The International Energy Agency estimates demand for critical minerals will increase, tripling under current global measures to reduce emissions, and increasing by up to 6 times if efforts to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 escalate.

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Queensland's role

For more than a century, Queensland has enjoyed strong economic growth thanks to our booming resources and export industry, especially since the discovery of gold at Gympie in 1867. Our mining and resources sector significantly contributes to our economy as a major employer across Queensland, especially in regional areas, and a driver of exports and economic growth.

Queensland's minerals provinces have long been the lifeblood of Australia's resource sector with a proud history in mining, strengthened by an ability to adjust to changing market demands. This is supported by a vital and growing supply chain that links to global markets via road, rail, air and sea.

With global shifts in demand for cleaner, greener, and more responsibly sourced products, our state is on the cusp of a new wave of economic growth. Queensland is in a prime position to be recognised as a leader in renewable energy and a hub for industries, including critical minerals, helping the world to decarbonise, and creating new revenue streams benefiting our communities and regions.

The Queensland new-industry development strategy (PDF, 6MB) sets out our approach for seizing the opportunities that global decarbonisation brings.

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We're also developing a multi-technology battery strategy that draws on our critical minerals deposits and mining expertise to establish a new industry in Queensland. The Queensland Battery Industry Strategy will leverage our competitive advantages to further develop capabilities in mineral refining, production of advanced battery materials, cell manufacture, pack assembly, installation and recycling to work towards building an end-to-end battery supply chain.

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Video: Queensland's critical minerals

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Investing in critical minerals

Queensland encourages both domestic and foreign investment in critical minerals exploration and mining. The Australian and Queensland governments both provide support to investors. In particular, the Queensland Government works closely with large companies looking to relocate, expand or develop their operations within the state.

The New economy minerals investment opportunities in Queensland's minerals provinces prospectus (PDF, 6.3MB) provides supporting information to help accelerate exploration activities for the minerals needed in the production of renewable, medical and defence technologies.

Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) is the Queensland Government's dedicated global business agency, helping Queensland exporters take their products to world markets and promoting Queensland as the perfect place for investment.