Getting into the tourism industry

Before you start a tourism business, you need to understand how the industry works, what things to consider in your planning, and the legal requirements you must meet.

Starting a business

You've got an idea and want to turn it into reality? Starting, buying or running a tourism business involves many essential steps.

Find out more about starting a business, and access a range of information including evaluation tools, a business planning resources and a business start-up guide.

Tourism business market research

Market research can help you to:

  • understand the industry
  • assess the viability of your business idea
  • identify key factors that could affect the success of your business.

Tourism and Events Queensland provides tourism research and insights which can assist decision-making and strategy development.

Use our market research kit to help with your business plan.

Tourism industry regulations

There are a number of licensing and permits that govern the tourism industry, particularly for those taking people to national parks and environmentally protected areas. Before you start business, make sure that you have all the necessary licences and permits.

Tourism industry groups

Make sure you establish contacts within local tourism associations as part of your planning process. You could attend industry-organised events or subscribe to newsletters. Knowing who's who and joining your industry association allows you to draw on their collective resources and expertise.

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