Marketing and promoting your tourism business

Your marketing and brand is the face of your business. Ensure you are marketing your business and promoting your products and services effectively.

Successfully marketing your tourism product

Tourism and Events Queensland provides useful resources to help shape your marketing activity for consumers, media and the tourism industry as well as information on where to find support for marketing your tourism and event experience.

Queensland marketing campaigns and opportunities

See Tourism and Events Queensland's current and upcoming marketing campaigns and advertising opportunities, the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse and how to get your business involved.

Digital marketing

With ever more customers booking tours and holidays online, a digital marketing strategy is now an essential part of any tourism business. Digital marketing activities include websites, online advertisements, social media, e-newsletters, and search engine optimisation (SEO). Read more about digital and online marketing.

Working with media

Read Tourism Australia's practical guide to public relations and generating publicity for your brand.

Marketing and promoting your tourism business internationally

Read the Tourism Export Toolkit to understand the different travel styles of international travellers visiting Australia and for advice on how to develop a marketing plan to target these visitors through a range of different mediums and distribution channels.

Online marketing for businesses

Find out how to effectively market your business online using social media sites, blogs and mobile applications.

Tourism Australia provides information on how to get involved with their social media channels as well as hints and tricks for getting the most out of your own social media channels.

Image and video library

Take advantage of Tourism and Events Queensland and Tourism Australia's catalogue of free, commercial-grade imagery for you to incorporate into your business' digital and promotional material.

Applying for a tourist or service sign

Find out how to apply for a tourist or service road sign directing visitors to your attraction/s.

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